10 Steps to Guarantee Exhibition Success

It can be overwhelming. Row upon row of noise, light, freebies and laughable overclaims.

So with your rival’s stands cooing to win attention away from your stand, how do you guarantee exhibition success?

1. Keep it simple

First thing. Make sure your stand is approachable and easy to understand. Don’t overload it. Keep the layout and design simple and clear. Clutter is bad. Unfocussed messaging is worse.

2. A proper display

Bespoke, modular or portable? All have their place…

Bespoke stands are unique to you. Imagination makes them fly, budget keeps them grounded. The best stands combine both.

Modular stands can grow with your business. Modular displays, twist flexible stands and printed shell scheme panels can be added any time.

Portable displays such as pop ups and roller banners are versatile, cost-effective and quick and easy to assemble, take apart, transport and store.

 3. Don’t fall for a d’oh moment

Obvious but true. Make sure all spelling, punctuation and grammar is perfect. Ensure your text makes sense. Mistakes cost business and make you look unprofessional. Check, check and check again.

TRG Exhibition Stand | Blimey Creative | 10 steps to guarantee exhibition success

 4. Loud and proud

You’ve got something big to say, so say it big. Your main message should be seen at the top of your stand. It needs to be clear, easy to read and have a big, bold image that grabs attention. Make sure your images are high res. Low res images look terrible printed in a big space.

5. Build your brand

Your brand is your brand right? It’s surprising how many people forget this when it comes to exhibitions. So be sure to keep every aspect of your stand in line with your brand. Another thing: remember your website. The first thing people will do after the event is view your website. If it feels different to your stand, the connection will be lost.

6. Head for heights

Don’t stint on height. Most exhibition venues allow up to 4m high for each exhibition stand, with some allowing stuff to be suspended from the ceiling. So forget the length. It’s all about height: the more you have, the more you’ll be noticed, even from across the exhibition hall.
Pig & Poulty | Happy Egg Co | Blimey Creative | 10 steps to guarantee exhibition success

7. Sound and vision

Lighting guarantees extra visibility in what can often be dark spaces. The same goes for video. It’s a great way to engage with visitors. Think about getting touchy-feely with touch screen technology. iPad stands can display videos, images, your websites and much more.

8. Short and snappy

Don’t overdo it with words. Arresting imagery and short snappy messages will do the job best. Less is more in words, bigger is better with imagery. Don’t forget the key details – logo, website, phone number as well as your key message.

9. Make it sparkle

If graphic design isn’t your forte make sure you get help from a professional company who knows their stuff. Graphic design is not something you want to do half-heartedly. The graphics on your exhibition stand is what delivers your brand and markets your message, so make sure it represents your brand in a positive and professional way.


Hello Fresh Box Stand Kings Cross | Blimey Creative | 10 steps to guarantee exhibition success

10. Try something new

Be bold. Be brave. Think about what hasn’t been done before, and ask would it work for you. Attempt a world record. Create a stir. Make the impossible possible. It’s your big gig. If you make sure people remember it, they’ll be sure to remember you.


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