When it feels like the world of the web has only recently come into our lives we have to remind ourselves that the internet was released to the public on 01st August 1991. That’s an incredible 27 years ago, and in that short space of time it has it changed the way the entire world […]

Whilst researching employee benefits I came across numerous articles written by large companies on their intentions to implement an unlimited holiday allowance policy for their employees, as well as those that had already introduced the scheme.  Richard Branson introduced unlimited holidays to his employees at the Virgin Management Head Office back in 2014.  You might […]

What is a Customer Value Proposition and why should your brand be defining one. Customer perceived value is ‘the prospective customers evaluation of all the benefits and costs of an offering compared with those of competitors’ (CIM, 2017). Customers need to understand not only what functionally your service or product provides for them, but what […]

It is fair to say that 2018 is now in full swing and there is plenty of design inspiration for the coming year.   With packaging trends moving fast, the design team here at Blimey took a look at what industry experts are touting as the ones to watch.   Sustainability The first trend on […]

If you thought you can’t measure happiness, wait until you try to measure the commercial success of your exhibition stand. Blimey, there’s a tough gig. But in today’s ROI-led world, it’s something you just have to do. Despite its cost, a good exhibition can produce a great ROI. All too often, however, this ROI is […]

Where once packaging was arguably only about logistics, the medium has undeniably evolved over the years to be a part of the marketing message for brands. It’s unthinkable for today’s graphic designer or marketer but once upon a time, singular items would be wrapped in leaves or paper and the idea of branding would be […]

Pluses, minuses, advantages, disadvantages…exhibitions are a big balancing act.  Every disadvantage has its advantage. And exhibitions are no different. So here’s our quick guide to all the pros and cons of exhibitions. Winning at exhibitions means making the most of the good, and being smart about reducing the bad.   Up with the advantages Bigger, […]

Numerous acronyms, metrics and a new buzzword every five minutes, the world of social media can feel overwhelming to anyone, let alone if you’ve got a business to run at the same time. If you can get ahead (and stay ahead) of the latest trends in social media, you will have an enviable advantage over […]

It can be overwhelming. Row upon row of noise, light, freebies and laughable overclaims. So with your rival’s stands cooing to win attention away from your stand, how do you guarantee exhibition success? 1. Keep it simple First thing. Make sure your stand is approachable and easy to understand. Don’t overload it. Keep the layout […]

With the New Year comes a range of personal resolutions but how does that manifest in the workplace? In a move towards better conditions for employees, companies are increasingly looking at workplace wellbeing to ensure business growth. All signs show that making sure employees see 2018 as an opportunity for both personal and professional growth […]