delilah fine foods deli Nottingham

The dedicated hard-core foodies at Delilah know a tasty proposition when they see one. And that’s exactly what they got when they chose Blimey to provide its lovely logo and livery all those years ago. A good design is one thing but a great design stands the test of time and that’s just what we delivered. For nearly 10 years, the creative team has helped deliver strategic marketing support and advice that now places Delilah as the number one award winning deli in Nottingham.

Dedicated to bringing both new products and variety to their loyal customers, their branding needs to live up to the quality that the consumers have grown to expect.

This year Blimey helped create and bring Delilah’s very own branded range to the shelf and trust us when we say the rose-infused chocolate is to die for. To round it off we launched their first e-commerce platform which will now offer their long distance customer base the opportunity to buy whenever they want. Next year will bring some very exciting projects and news so watch this space to see how Delilah continues to grow from strength to strength.

And on a consumer note… check out the blueberry stack next time you’re in!
“Blimey Creative guides me about how our brand can mean more. They get out of my head what I want, and turn it into something great.”
Sangita Traynor, Delilah