the happy egg co. USA

We all know happy eggs in the UK. Well, meet the USA equivalent and see if you can spot the difference.

Since 2012 Blimey has continued to support with their launch of the brand in the US. Working closely with happy egg’s US advisors we expanded our UK work offering for an American audience – and they are now officially the no.1 free-range brand on the egg aisle.

Different time zones don’t mean anything to the creative team. Its simple – our guys love the brand and working with our US clients, they roll up their sleeves, put the coffee on and get the job done. We drink tea when we work with the UK brand!

This is one brand where strategic implementation and creative tools are essential to compete for shelf space. As well as a whole range of POS, we had to put on our innovation hats to get over a major challenge for the egg aisle in the US.

In short there is still a lot of confusion over the egg aisle and consumers are bombarded with a variety of descriptions that can be misleading. The UK “Free Range” terminology is not what we know it to be in the USA and can even mean the hens have time-limited access to a concrete slab, and nothing more. To convey what happy egg’s free range meant – green field, free-wandering with trees, sand pits and indoor access.

We created some novel pieces for their PR campaign launch to the trade and media. First, a video box with a mini video screen playing a happy eggs promo. Second, our ‘free-range farm in a box’, a micro-detailed and transportable case opened up to show exactly what happy eggs mean by free range.

In 2015, Blimey helped bring their Hendependence campaign to life which included the campaign identity, microsite, social media content, unique print with 3D pop-up effects as well as their Farm scene exhibition stand which captured what True Free Range is all about. The stand was designed and built in the UK, and then transported to the US. We even sent our own Blimey exhibition crew to assemble and be on hand for Expo West in LA. Now that’s dedication.

The piece de resistance was our stop motion video, made in collaboration with A + C and ex-Aardman model maker Jim Parkin. The concept was created from scratch in the Blimey office and has been used across social media channels and digital banners with a great response from fans.

“The guys at Blimey are very resourceful. I can throw a pretty left field challenge at them, and I guarantee they will pull out all the stops. I’m confident about the quality of work and the speed of turnaround.”
Jenni Danby, happy eggs US