the resort group plc.

One of Europe’s leading international property developers, the Resort Group specialises in world-class resorts and hotels that provide first-class investment returns for their clients. Blimey has helped promote developments on the islands of Cape Verde, 350 miles off the coast of West Africa.

As well as designing brand identities for each of their resorts we get to work closely behind the scenes ensuring their own corporate identity remains fresh and current when sitting among the sales collateral.

From advertising and e-shots, design and build of their corporate website to the complex development of their online application, PIF, Property Investment Finder, we have experience working across a number of projects. The Resort Group is a progressive business in the world of property investment and we need to think creatively as well as dynamically with this one. And as for exhibitions, well that’s a story all of its own!

As a client The Resort Group’s investor products are a little different as they don’t sit on a shelf and require more strategic approach with solid grounding, check out the latest development in their portfolio, White Sands. With the expansion of The Resort Group’s property portfolio in Cape Verde, we were challenged to top our previous creative work once again. To us, creating a brand identity and prestigious brochure for the Boa Vista Island’s White Sands Hotel and Spa, was an opportunity to experiment with print.

This needed a unique style. So, as well as a series of stunning shots, and with the help of local specialist Nottingham printer Chameleon, we gave the brochure front cover a textured and highly tactile white finish which feels just like stroking the pure white sands of the island.

The creative team sourced a variety of different cover options, finally selecting a flock effect from Scotland that captured exactly the unique texture we wanted. The identity sits proudly in the Resort Group portfolio and we look forward to working on the next one.

Finally, as part of our ongoing dedication to digital marketing, we have more recently worked with The Resort Group in developing a content marketing strategy and helped to generate insightful and useful content, such as infographics, that help showcase their knowledge and leadership positioning online in the world of investment.

Adam Ellis, Marketing Director of The Resort Group, said: “Blimey has been instrumental in helping us to promote and sell these developments. The high standard of their work and their efficiency and dedication have enabled us to concentrate on construction, knowing that once the properties are built, we have no worries about selling them.”