Delilah Fine Foods

The Brief

Looking to bring their own brand to shelf, Delilah, who have worked with Blimey for over 10 years, tasked the full service creative agency with developing a range of product packaging that reflected its award-winning brand.

The Solution

Exploring a number of designs that worked across a range of labelling and packaging options, a muted palette was chosen to echo the natural and organic produce and developed to work across varying substrates, textures and materials. Blimey also built an e-commerce to take the products reach beyond Nottingham.

The Results

Successfully launched, the products and e-commerce site benefitted from the simpler site navigation which led to over a 15% increase in the number of pages visited on site, with users spending 60% longer browsing, and an impressive 11% reduction in bounce since July 2015. A higher transaction rate thanks to the simpler user journey on-site, resulted in a very healthy 50% uplift in hamper sales.


Branding, Design, Digital, Packaging