Data Analysts

Blimey’s research isn’t just focused — it’s data-driven. Our data analysts spend copious amounts of time collating facts and figures that provide critical insights into markets and industries. By producing data on content, analytics, brand, business, and technology, our team reports on areas of opportunity that lead to business growth.

Web Build

With 82% of consumers researching their purchases online before committing to buy, it is business critical that your website is working for your buyers. Building a website that performs well, is easily found and is structurally sound is key to delivering seamless online journey.

Blimey build with longevity in mind and as a result of the discovery process, will offer a structural sound basis on which the develop – as and when the business demands. Adopting an agile approach to web development, a staged web build offers the flexibility and adaptability to ensure the final product delivers the desired results.


Two key elements of effective SEO are understanding your business goals and the user journey from the moment of interest to the actual purchase. Blimey achieves both by working closely with you and adopting a user-centric approach to understand user search patterns and the type of content that users respond to.

Our aim is to make you visible on Google, as well as other search engines. We stay abreast of changes in algorithms and make adjustments where necessary. SEO is an inter-departmental process. Web pages are effectively coded, content is structured and optimised using keyword and search query research, paid search is accurately implemented, and social media is used to distribute links. Communication within the Blimey teams ensures streamlined and highly-effective SEO is in place.


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