The Brief

Ready to launch their new high protein cheese brand, award-winning cheese makers, Joseph Heler, approached Blimey to support its introduction to market with a full strategic marketing plan that would deliver a 360-degree promotional campaign to work with the rollout across three major UK supermarkets.

The Solution

Concentrating on three major social media channels – Twitter, Facebook and Instagram –we carefully tailored content to the target market, whilst supporting the induction with a concentrated influencer strategy focused on the diet and fitness themes and ongoing community management to build brand loyalty. Outreach to bloggers, industry and national press outlets, ensured 360 coverage.

Creative direction of the bespoke product photography to display practical use of the cheese through delicious-looking meals, and management and direction of the photo shoot with Brand Ambassador, England and Northampton rugby player, Ben Foden, provided all supporting content for the website design and build as well as high profile endorsement for the brand.

The Results

Thanks to a targeted social media strategy and an influencer programme that reached out to over 200 key health and diet bloggers, the channel saw an impressive 600% increase in follower activity, with high impressions and organic reach due to successful user generated content campaigns – all building a successful and loyal social community.


Design, Digital, Marketing