Physical Experience Design

Design goes beyond online. Even in today’s digitally-driven world, the physical aspect of design must be a central factor. Blimey’s multi-disciplinary team combines the digital with the physical, creating a unified brand experience with its physical experience design.

Whether consumers interact with your brand digitally, in print, or physically in retail environments, they must be left with the same feeling. A feeling that is unique and creates a connection between you and them.

This extends to employees too. Design shouldn’t stop at marketing material. It should be everywhere that you are. Carrying your branding throughout office space by integrating it into the interior design gives employees a sense of belonging and connection. This in turn builds loyalty and productivity.

Blimey creates stunning visuals and 3D concepts to help plan the interior design of offices, retail space, and promotional spaces including trade shows and exhibitions.


Experiential environments, Retail environments, Exhibition environments, Trade show environments, Office design & interiors, Pop up shops & restaurants, Interior & exterior signage