The Resort Group PLC

The Brief

One of Europe’s leading international property developers, The Resort Group PLC, specialises in world-class resorts and hotels that provide first-class investment returns for their clients. Offering creative and marketing support, Blimey has worked alongside the brand for over 8 years, working on a number of high-profile projects to promote the 5 star Cape Verde developments.

The Solution

From advertising and e-shots, design and build of the corporate and retail websites to the complex development of their online application, Property Investment Finder, Blimey have been a key support in delivering the high-end experience demanded by the 5-star developer.

As well as designing brand identities for each of the resorts, and supporting their launch with branded print assets, Blimey orchestrated and managed the strategic partnership between Season 11 of Britain’s Next Top Model and The Resort Group PLC, to garner greater awareness and exposure for the brand. Purposefully aligned during the opening of their most recent developments, MELIÃ Llana Beach Resort & Spa, TUI Sensimar Cabo Verde and Bikini Beach Club, the campaign involved a multifaceted creative approach that covered all elements of online and offline promotion.

On-going digital marketing support including AdWords, PPC, Social Media and Content Strategy ensures that Blimey continue to work closely with the brand to add value to their investors and resort visitors alike.

The Results

A prime-time slot, complete with supporting competition and national press coverage broadened The Resort Group PLC’s reach far beyond the episode average of 243,000 viewers, with site traffic taking a huge 150% leap in activity during Britain’s Next Top Model airtime.

Ensuring to deliver results for the sales team as well as the brand, Blimey have provided over 400 leads via its targeted lead generation campaigns, supported by an optimised remarketing campaign to ensure full funnel activity to complete the online sales journey.


Branding, Design, Digital, Experiential, Marketing